Terms and Condition for Promotions


  1. Campaign period – 1st April to 24th April 2019 only.
  2. Customer needs to load or reload in any amount equivalent to AED 5000 in any currency other than AED to be eligible for the prize money **.
  3. All qualifying customers will go into a draw where 150 lucky customers will have the chance to win an amount upto AED 1000.
  4. Higher the amount higher the chances of winning.
  5. Every winner gets 1 cash reward prize only during the campaign period .
  6. All winners will be notified by UAE Exchange LLC by way of an SMS.
  7. Cash reward/Prize money will not be refunded from the card.
  8. The prize money will be credited to the customer gocash card only.
  9. UAE Exchange LLC reserves the right to change , at any time , these terms and conditions , features and benefits of the campaign without prior notice to the customers.

**Not applicable for AED load or reload transaction

 الميزات الأساسية لبطاقة gocash

 أسعار الصرف

اسم العملةالتحويلات البنكيةشراءمبيع
 Bangladeshi Taka0.043900.039040.04830
 Indian Rupee0.049800.046390.05245
 Sri Lankan Rupee0.021660.018200.02808
 Nepalese Rupee0.031420.024640.03795
 Philippine Pesos0.068000.061650.07495
 Pakistani Rupee0.028050.023630.03141
* أسعار الصرف إرشادية وعرضة للتغيير. للحصول على أفضل الأسعار الرجاء الإتصال بخدمة العملاء: ٦٣٥٥٦٢٥-٢-٩٧١+

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