Terms and condition

  1. Cash Back Campaign period – 26th FEB to 31st March 2019 only.
  2. Customer needs to purchase a full game, game add-ons or subscription on PlayStation Store UAE only using PS gocash card.
  3. Customer needs to spend minimum cumulative 100 $ on Playstation store UAE only using PS gocash card for cash back offer.
  4. Customer is eligible for only one cash back offer during the campaign period .
  5. Uaexchange will notify the eligible cash back customers through SMS.
  6. Cash Back 30$ will be credited to the customer PS gocash card only.
  7. Eligible customers will be notified on the sole discretionary of Uaexchange.
  8. Not applicable for offline transaction.

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 Indian Rupee0.049800.046390.05245
 Sri Lankan Rupee0.021660.018200.02808
 Nepalese Rupee0.031420.024640.03795
 Philippine Pesos0.068000.061650.07495
 Pakistani Rupee0.028050.023630.03141
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