How gocash card works?

Using a gocash card is simple and easy.

  • Purchase the gocash card.
  • Choose the currency you want from the available currencies.
  • Load your card with the budgeted amount and it’s converted to the foreign currency.
  • Reload the gocash card at any UAE Exchange branch in the UAE, from any other distribution channel authorised by UAE Exchange, or from an authorised representative.
  • If the gocash card is stolen / lost / damaged; you can report it to the gocash Card Service Centre by calling +971-2-6355625.
  • On successful identification, gocash Card Service Centre will block your gocash card temporarily.
  • To continue using the gocash card services, all you need to do is request for a replacement card and activate the same.

 Currency Rates

Currently Exchange Rates are not available. Contact our nearest Branch.

* Rates are indicative and subject to change. For best rates please call our customer care helpline: +971-2-6355625.

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